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Kindler is a simple console program that allows HTML documents of basic syntax to be easily converted into a file that is viewable on the Amazon Kindle.

There are some existing tools out there such as MobiCreator but I needed something a lot simpler. I wanted to take technical articles from the web (e.g. MSDN articles, Stack Overflow threads, blog entries) and view them on my Kindle.

Current features are limited but it does do a good job of converting documents (samples yet to be added).
  1. Attempts to convert code to be readable on a Kindle
  2. Creates "chapters" for all <h1> elements
  3. Appends link href values after an <a> element (e.g. "" becomes " ("). This is useful for international users that can't navigate to the link via the Kindle browser

Syntax: kindler.exe document.htm document.txt (the first parameter is the file to convert and the second is the file to output - Kindle doesn't read .htm files)

Expect the syntax to change as time goes on (the output file name will probably be generated and will likely not always be a .txt extension). Once the file has been created simply paste the *.txt file into the documents folder on your Kindle.

Going forward I'd like to add table of contents support (automatically generated from h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 & h6 elements) and image support. Ideally it would also allow a smoother conversion from HTML (or a URL). As it stands there is a lot of manual work needed before HTML can be processed by Kindler.

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